Woollen Felt

Natural wool felt is one of the oldest man made textiles.Wool felt is a classic component of the history of civilization. Many cultures have legends as to how the felting process was discovered.Over the course of the centuries, the production process has been refined and mechanized; the principle of manufacturing wool and the basic raw material are equivalent.

Sheep's wool is able to be transformed into felt via "Wet Processing"; Fibers are worked together by moisture, warmth, and abrasion. This produces a homogenous textile surface formation, i.e. wool felt. Depending on the production process, felt may be soft as batting or as hard as wood. There are also a number of options for enriching felt to customize its properties to match the needs of the customer. The ultimate thickness and density of the material determines the amount of layers that are then steamed, wetted, pressed and hardened.The areas of application of wool felt are accordingly diverse. 

Merino sheep's wool is used as a raw material because of its fine quality. This is supplied exclusively from overseas. 

Depending on the customer's requirements or the desired properties of the wool felt, this Merino wool may be offset with other fibrous materials or even metallic fibers. 

Enriching felt, or finishing it, is an important part of our production process. The specific qualities of felt enable numerous improvements to be added.

The majority of fiber used in pressed felt is wool. Wool fibers have small barbs on them, which aids in the natural locking or felting process. The manufacturing of pressed wool felt is primarily mandated by IS standard in India and by SAE standards in USA. These standards determine the wool content, density, and other physical and mechanical properties of the felt.

    Owing to the flawless product range, we have carved a niche for ourselves in the market. Today our products are supplied to various industries due to the versatile usage of the equipment. We are dealing in following sectors such as”

  • Lubrication & Oil Wicks

  • Filtration Air & Oils

  • Saddery & Harnesses

  • Shock & Vibration Absorption

  • Gaskets, Packings & Washers

  • Optical & Mirror Industries

  • Wire Enamelling & Annealing

  • Felt Wheels- Bob Wheels

  • Wiping-Polishing Of Steel – Brass

  • Automobile – Paper Taxtile Industries

  • Leather Tannery Machines

  • Automic Energy, Defence & Railways