Wool Felt Properties

Our production facility and product range allow us to supply materials in rolls, sheets, strips, cut parts. Additionally, our supply procedures are tailored to each customer’s needs, with the aim of providing the most convenient solution to your enquiries.

Wool felt sheets/rolls standard width varies Between 1.00 to 2.0 meter and length between 5.00 to 30 meters.

Our engineering wool felts are made from natural fibres that are Eco-friendly and Bio-degradable.

Key properties:-
  1. Due to its qualities, brilliant colours, and elegant appearance, woollen felt is an ideal material for various decoration and design purposes; Easily shaped by cutting or (in higher densities) machining and dimensionally stable in use, with minimum swelling and shrinking.
  2. Wool fibres and felt naturally keep the heat and absorb liquids making its use as good option for insulation. Operational over a wide temperature range. It maintains its properties over a range from -40 Celsius to +100 Celsius.
  3. 100% wool felts exhibit self extinguishing properties and have a flash point over 450 Celsius.
  4. Woollen felt has a porous structure and built-in capillary channels; which improves its absorbability and enhances the transfer of liquids. These absorbed liquids are slowly released through felt which serve as an efficient lubrication agent.
  5. Wool Felt can be utilised in various different densities for packaging and wrapping, and also it can be used for anything from filling empty space to providing highly effective absorption and suspension. 
  6. A homogenous structure - if the surface is removed, it is replaced by a similar face without fraying.
  7. Resilience - ensuring excellent recovery of the material to its original dimensions after compression.
  8. High energy absorption- enabling large amounts of vibration or sound energy to be dissipated.