Wool Felt Standards

1 IndianIS1719
2 BritishBS4060
3German DIN-61200
4AmericanSAE-J-314 & CF-206
5Japanese JIS-L-3210
Woollen felts are available in the following grades:
Density (g/cm3) feel Colour IS 1719 * BS4060 Din 61200 SAEF
18-20SoftWhiteSoft A97/8W M1 F10
Soft GraySoft A97/8G F11
23-25 Medium WhiteMediumA97/6W M4 F5
MediumGreyMediumA97/6G F7
28-30Medium-FirmWhiteMedium-Firm A97/5W M5
33-36FirmWhite Firm A97/4WF1 F1
Firm Grey Firm A97/4G F3
40-44Extra-FirmWhite Extra-Firm A97/3WF3
55-65 Hard White HardA97/1W H3

* As per IS1719 types of felts are divided in two main category i) General Purpose and ii) Precision Felts, thickness and physical properties varies type wise; for more details refer IS1719:2000 clause 6.1